Portfolio Manager

Real estate Portfolio Manager - Prague
PM takes over the complex commercial and technical-operational supervision of the management and development of the entrusted shopping centres and all buildings and land belonging to them.

- Management of the shopping centres is based on the strategy set by the asset manager, however, it is desirable that the PM contributes to the setting of the strategy with his expertise.

- The PM works mainly with centre managers and their teams, with whom he is involved in defining the plan of specific activities in the management of shopping centres and controls the results of their work.

- The PM acts as a senior partner to the individual business centre teams; he helps them methodically to solve difficult tasks, guides them to the best possible work results and helps them to present their results in an appropriate way.

- The PM is the supervisor of the individual centre managers; the centre managers report to him.

- In normal circumstances, the PM does not limit or restrict the actual responsibilities of the centre managers or take over their activities.

- Works with asset managers and leasing managers of business centres, the marketing department and the financial and administrative support in the department. From his position above the level of centre managers, the PM seeks consensus among all partners, coordinates activities and proposes appropriate solutions for the development of the centres.

- The PM's expertise and hierarchical position within the company is at the level of individual asset managers.

- Oversight of the operation of the centres completely covers the area of property management; in relation to the asset manager, the PM guarantees complete control over all operational agendas of the centres and allows the asset manager to focus entirely on asset management.

- Strives to create a pleasant working environment and good relations between all departments involved in the operation of the shopping centres.

- At all times, the PM strives to keep the entrusted shopping centre in first class order and provide the highest level of comfort to all customers and tenants.

- Actively monitors trends in shopping centre management and strives for continuous improvement of the entrusted centres in the long term.

- Monitors developments in the shopping centre market and contributes to building the general knowledge expertise of the employer.

- In desirable situations, the PM actively enters into negotiations with tenants and suppliers of shopping centres as a higher instance above the level of centre manager.

- The PM is committed to building his/her natural authority and company's reputation over the long term.

- In the event of a long-term absence of the Centre Manager, the PM temporarily takes over his role.

Required expertise and skills

- Experience in managing teams.

- Experience in basic HR activities - interviewing, talent sourcing and support, motivation and coaching.

- High level communication with clients (i.e. especially tenants and customers), internal partners and suppliers.

- Understanding the business model in retail.

- Knowledge of the legal and tax framework in commercial real estate and tenant relations.

- Orientation in marketing activities and technical building operations.

- Ability to multi-task, coordinate subordinates and lead projects independently.

- Experience in financial and commercial planning.

- Advanced understanding of economic relationships in the commercial sector.

- Independent negotiation of contractual terms with business partners.

- Ability to navigate extensive legal documents and contracts.

- Understanding of value creation in commercial real estate.

General skills required

- Proficient pro-client presentation patterns.

- MS Outlook - sorting mail into folders, working with calendar, searching.

- MS Excel - formulas, formatting, charts, functions incl. IF, VLOOKUP, AVERAGE, SUMIF, OR, print area editing.

- MS Word - formatting, headers and footers, inserting objects.

- Valid Group B driver's license, active driver.

- Economic awareness - ability to work with complex budgets, ability to set them up and keep them under control, ability to prepare calculations, knowledge of terminology (invoice, receivable, order, estimate, VAT, margin...).

- Awareness of GDPR in marketing.

- Knowledge of English at B2 level.

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